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      PCI Express

      Getting Educated on the Status of PCI-E 3.0

      This editorial explains the current implementation of the PCI Express 3.0 standard, what it means to be “Gen 3” ready, and how it should impact your next motherboard purchase.

      UEFI – Just How Important It Really Is

      This article delves into the new UEFI architecture and why it is much more important to the computer world than you think.
      Cloud Computing

      Clearing the Air: Cloud Computing and Virtualization

      Web 2.0 is here and on-demand content is the future. This editorial focuses on the continued use of marketing buzzwords such as “cloud computing” and “virtualization” and what it means to you.

      The Art of Tweaking

      As the desktop PC market sees new product launches and increased focus on features, this editorial takes a look at the PC enthusiast market and ways manufacturers are trying to open the door to a new generation.
      AMD 990FX

      AMD 990FX: Prepping for Bulldozer

      AMD’s latest chipset offering adds in some interesting new features, including support for the upcoming eight-core processors and re-introducing SLI on the AMD platform. Does it make sense to buy now?
      Intel Z68

      The Intel Z68 Chipset and What It Means To You

      A quick overview of the the new technologies supported by Intel's Z68 chipset and what benefits it brings to you.