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      Sandy Berger, respected computer authority, journalist, media guest, speaker, and author, has more than three decades of experience as a computer and technology expert. Her eight books include: How to Have a Meaningful Relationship with Your Computer, Your Official Grown-up's Guide to AOL and the Internet, Cyber Savers –Tips & Tricks for Today’s Drowning Computer Users, Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guide to Better Living through Technology, Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guide to the Internet, Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guide to Gadgets & Gizmos, Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guide to Online Health & Wellness, and Sandy Berger’s Great Age Guide to Online Travel. Sandy’s newspaper column, magazine articles, feature stories, product reviews, and computer tips can be found at her website, Compu-KISS.
      white Cherry mechanical keyboard shown at an angle

      CHERRY – A Retro Keyboard That Works

      Input devices come and go, but the keyboard has been part of the personal computer scene since its inception. CHERRY is one of the...
      ilive concierge

      iLive Concierge Challenges Amazon Echo

      The iLive Platinum Concierge is one of the first stand-alone speakers to use the Amazon Alexa voice service (AVS). The iLive Concierge emulates the...

      Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headset Review

      Beats has excellent name recognition, and with LeBron James’s memorable television ad, the Powerbeats2 wireless headset specifically is relatively well known. They promote this...
      roku tv

      Insignia Roku TV – A Great Bargain-priced 4K TV

      With cord-cutting quickly becoming popular, it is not surprising that televisions are now coming with integrated streaming capabilities. This feature saves the cost of...
      Amazon Wand

      Amazon Dash Wand – Part of Amazon’s New Lineup of Gadgets

      Our high tech world is changing quickly. Just a few short years ago we could only communicate with devices by typing or touching. Now...
      my passport

      WD My Passport 4TB Portable Drive

      You’ve heard it over and over again. Back up. Back it up. Be sure to back up. It’s good advice and the Western Digital...
      Roku Ultimate

      Roku Ultra Proves Itself the Best

      After looking at several older Roku streaming devices, I was turned off by overheating and fan noise issues. Upon hearing that these issues were...
      Sony 4K Blu-ray Player

      Sony 4K Blu-ray Player X-800

      While some so-called 4K Blu-ray players only up-convert the video to 4K, the Sony 4K Blu-ray Player X-800 is a true 4K Ultra HD...

      Amazon Echo Show

      The Echo Show is the latest in a long line of unique devices from Amazon. First there was the full-sized Echo, then the Echo...

      LumiWave Pain Therapy Without Drugs

      The recent opioid epidemic makes it clear that we must find ways to deal with pain, especially chronic pain, without drugs. Biocare System’s LumiWave...