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      hand holding an earphone

      Jaybird X4 Review: Hear Clearly With These Wireless In-Ear Headphones

      For many people, a pair of headphones are an essential part of their workout. Between music, audiobooks, podcasts, and even videos, exercisers have no...
      best external hard drive for ps4

      Best External Hard Drive for PS4: 10 Choices to Expand

      Image from AmazonEvery gaming console available today is severely lacking storage space. Some games need 100 GB or more storage for game files and...
      technician holding computer chip ram vs rom

      RAM vs ROM: Exploring the Different Types of Memory

      In any electronic device that stores data, like your computer, various components work together to store memory.  Your hard drive is your primary storage...
      logitech g27 wheel

      Logitech G27 Racing & Gaming Console Review

      ?The Logitech G27 controller combines a wheel, shifter, and pedals to make PC and console racing simulators more immersive. The G27 is an improved...

      Unlimited Power: Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own PC

      THESTEP-BY-STEP GUIDETO BUILDING YOUR OWN PCBuilding your first PC can seem like a daunting, impossible task, especially if you don’t know much about computers....
      reviews of the best capture card in the market

      The Best Capture Cards for Video Game Streaming

      What's more fun than playing video games? Making videos about playing video games! Whether you're interested in streaming, making walkthroughs, or building a video...

      Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headset Review

      Beats has excellent name recognition, and with LeBron James’s memorable television ad, the Powerbeats 2 wireless headset specifically is relatively well known. They promote...

      Asus Laptops: Which Laptop Model Best Fits Your Needs?

      ASUS is a major brand in the world of laptops, which means they offer something for people of all types. To make the decision...
      razer keyboard

      The Best Razer Keyboard Models Overview

      With so many options from Razer keyboard models, finding the right one for your gaming style can be tricky. This guide will help you...